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Chelley Werewolf AU One-Shot
“No…” Wheatley thought in horror, his blood running cold, and his heart booming in his ears as she turned to face him.  Her icy-blue eyes reflected green and yellow in the dark, her shaggy form became backlit by the light of the full moon, and Rick could be heard scrambling for a foothold on the cliffside below.
No help would come from him now.
Wheatley wanted to speak.  He tried to speak.  Tried to scream.  Anything!  But all that came out were a few desperate gasping, huffing noises as his breath became far too fast and far too light.  The ferocious creature that had once been Chell stalked closer, teeth bared, and a deep growl rumbled from deep within her throat as her large paws tread down the grass between them, scattering dew as they went.
Wheatley staggered back, his legs unsteady as the she-wolf…his friend…drew closer, her eyes and posture reflecting irrational a
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'Doomed to Repeat', Part 13
For the last ten minutes or so, Molly had been hanging in front of the ventilation duct in Dr. Wells’ office, her optic closed, as a track of seashore sounds played inside her head with a soft piano accompaniment.  Molly was never sure why the scientists felt the need to install a kind of simulated nervous system into cores like herself, but for the moment, as she felt the cool breeze brush across her metal shell, she found that questioning such a thing could wait a bit.  She wasn’t sure if such a practice would do her much good, but what with the new information that she had gotten from Dr. Wells’, she figured it certainly wouldn’t hurt to attempt at something akin to contemplation or mediation to clear her CPU.  Besides, Ruby’s records did say something about how quiet and alone time had proven scientifically to be beneficial for a person’s wellbeing.  Perhaps for cores it could be similar.  Besides, there wasn’t real
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Chelley - 'Ghost'
Quick Note: Inspired by some ghost AU prompts on Tumblr, and some elements from C. S. Lewis’s The Great Divorce. (Also a warning to readers as there are some references to death and blood, but nothing overly gory or graphic. Just letting you know.)
Wheatley couldn’t stand it anymore.
This had been the third night that Chell lay in bed crying, and Wheatley bit his bottom lip as he heard her sobs through the wall, wishing with all his soul that he could do something to help her. It had been two months since she had moved into his old flat, and he had done his best to help her on multiple occasions. He was just so glad to have her there.
It had been years since they were able to get anyone to rent this particular flat…especially when they heard about what had happened there.
Strangely, Wheatley himself didn’t remember much about what had happened that fateful day. Which was ironic, considering he was the one they killed. He figured it was for the best
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Chat Noir by CodyNaomiSwire Chat Noir :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 31 1 Mickey and Oswald, Co-op Testing Initiative by CodyNaomiSwire Mickey and Oswald, Co-op Testing Initiative :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 15 0
The Surprise, Part 4
The days had gone by, and for a while it looked like they had almost gone back to normal.  But now, as Chell awoke, she rolled over to find that yet again, there was no Wheatley beside her.
Chell sat up quickly, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, as the fog of her dreams gave way to the light of the morning sun.  Chell had no idea how Wheatley was able to leave without her realizing it this time, but then…well, she had been rather tired lately.  And for good reason…
With a heaviness weighing in her heart, Chell pulled on a nice warm sweater and made her way down to the kitchen, wondering what she would say to Wheatley the next time she saw him, and wondering what he could possibly be up to now.  As she came up to the large table in the middle of the room, she expected to find the usual cup of tea that Wheatley would’ve left her.  Sure enough, there it was, but now there was something else, too.
Chell stopped, the weight in her chest suddenly b
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Shadow - 'Colors' by CodyNaomiSwire Shadow - 'Colors' :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 41 1
Shadouge One-Shot - 'Warmth'
“Hey, you doin’ ok out here?”
Shadow’s ear twitched towards the direction of the voice, and he gave a quick glance to his left as Rouge came striding up to him along the edge of the cabin’s snowy rooftop.  The large snowflakes falling through the cold winter air glistened as they landed, powdering the tips of Rouge’s wings and shoulders in a sugary layer of white.  She casually brushed them off with one hand as she sat down next to Shadow, her other hand holding a steaming drink in a large mug.
“Mind if I sit here?” she asked, pulling her knees up to her chest as she settled down in the snow.  Shadow merely shrugged in reply as he turned his face back up towards the dark winter sky, his expression pensive as the soft glow of the nearby lamplight reflected off the snow dancing in the breeze.
“Soooo…,” Rouge ventured to ask again, her index finger tapping out a soft rhythm on the side of the mug. “Are
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Shadow Charm by CodyNaomiSwire Shadow Charm :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 28 7
The Surprise, Part 3
It was a good thing the Otten’s house was so close to the broadcast tower, otherwise getting ready for the surprise would’ve been much harder than it already was.
Thankfully it also wasn’t unusual for Wheatley and Garrett to take their lunch breaks there, so that at least wouldn’t be out of the ordinary either.  Although for the next several days worth of lunch breaks, Wheatley could hardly find much time to eat at all, as he now had to take on his worst of nemeses here in the world outside of Aperture.
Wheatley’s first experience with baking had undeniably been an utter disaster, and perhaps even an abomination to both nature and experimental science.  He figured part of the reason may have been because of his hard light avatar having a bearing on all the chemical reactions that were supposed to be happening in the bread dough, but a part of him also couldn’t help but think it was just part of that bad Wheatley-luck that he
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'They Glitter'
“Oh, there he is!” Chell thought to herself as she rounded the corner of the house, finding Wheatley kneeling down by the line of bushes that hugged the house’s outer wall, his expression concentrated yet grimacing – seeming to be both simultaneously awed and disgusted with whatever it was he was looking at.  Chell couldn’t imagine why he was out here, or what it was about the bushes that was apparently fascinating him so much, but she figured she might as well go over and find out.
She had been looking for Wheatley for the last few minutes now to let him know that it was time to eat.  Usually he didn’t need telling, as the aroma of whatever she was cooking would alert him from wherever he was in the house.  But when there was no sign of him even after Chell had looked in every room for him, she started to wonder just where he was and what he was up to.  When it came to Wheatley, it could be anything from staring at the sce
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HTTYD2 - Skyrim, 'A Second Chance at Destiny'
The Black Dragon.
The World-Eater.
Some even called him Akatosh – the great Dragon of Time himself.
He might as well have been, he thought.  As the Eldest of the dragons, as the most powerful, he might as well hold such a lofty name – the name of his father.  Being immortal was only the tip of the iceberg really.  Being able to transcend the very fabric of time and space itself, as well as use the power of the Voice…well, it was no wonder those foolish humans once worshipped him as a god.
Not that he really cared whether they did or not.  In fact, he could care less.  Those of his cult had served his purposes, but nothing more.  He felt no fondness at all for the little mortal vermin.  They had their usefulness sometimes, but even then Alduin had little patience for them.  Even those who groveled in his presence were little more than disgusting to him.  Taking over their mortal plane had been eas
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Bioluminescence by CodyNaomiSwire Bioluminescence :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 4 2
The Surprise, Part 2
For the next two weeks, Wheatley had to be extremely careful.
It didn’t help that Chell was so perceptive about, well, everything.  Considering all that she had been through in Aperture it was no surprise.  It was one of the many qualities in her that Wheatley admired greatly, but it was also one that made being around her very challenging at times.  Especially when it came to something like this.
It was all that Wheatley could do to get the paper-wrapped packages to the Otten’s house without Chell seeing.  He was just relieved that she didn’t bother to look in them after he had foolishly placed them in the kitchen cupboards along with all the other groceries the evening before.  Thus he had to get up extra-extra early to make sure he could drop them off at the Otten’s house and then get to the broadcast station before Chell woke up.  This time he made sure to leave her the special cup of tea and a note so as not to appear as
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The Surprise, Part 1
He had been acting very strangely lately, and Chell was starting to worry.
It had started about two weeks ago.  That morning, Chell came downstairs from their bedroom to find Wheatley had left early without telling her.  That was very unlike him.  Ever since the events of that summer two years ago, Wheatley had made sure that he and Chell kept careful track of each other (often times to Chell’s annoyance), and though he had become more and more confident about doing things on his own, he still never left Chell wondering about where he had gone if he could help it.  He would always give a shout over his shoulder as he strode out the door, letting her know he was leaving.  Or else he would leave her a note, written in his surprisingly tidy penmanship, and sometimes leave it under a warm cup of recently brewed tea.  (English tea of course – Earl Grey with cream and two sugars.)
Or on the very rare occasions when he forgot to do either of th
:iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 10 1
Wheatley - Black Holes by CodyNaomiSwire Wheatley - Black Holes :iconcodynaomiswire:CodyNaomiSwire 81 8


GOTF issue 16 page 6 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 16 page 6 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 642 119 GOTF issue 16 page 5 by EvanStanley GOTF issue 16 page 5 :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 495 81
 After a lifetime in Aperture Science Chell wasn’t easily surprised, but the mural stopped her dead in her tracks.
 It was huge, and beautiful, and nearly depicted her as a goddess-- but the thing that nearly made Chell burst into tears at the sight of it was much more important.
 Another human being had painted this. The mural was proof that she wasn’t alone.
 That was what kept her going from then on out. Every time she was insulted, or tested, or smashed down an elevator shaft, Chell remembered that someone else was counting on her. They believed in her.
:iconportalpanda:PortalPanda 3 0
Pumpkin Spice
“These are amazing!” Wheatley grinned up at Chell from the brim of his coffee cup, giving a full body wiggle of delight as he took another drink. “All warm and pumpkiny.” He enthused, swinging their hands back and forth. “Tastes like fall.”
 Chell couldn’t help but smirk as they walked through the park, autumn leaves drifting around them as Wheatley rambled on about pumpkin spice. The scene was pretty picturesque, but Chell could think of one thing that would make it better.
 She eased the coffee cup away from Wheatley’s lips as she pulled him into a kiss.
 “It does.”
:iconportalpanda:PortalPanda 3 0
GOTF issue 16 cover by EvanStanley GOTF issue 16 cover :iconevanstanley:EvanStanley 567 70 Blue Sky: Lineup by nooby-banana Blue Sky: Lineup :iconnooby-banana:nooby-banana 391 50 Blue Sky - sketches by Heliatic Blue Sky - sketches :iconheliatic:Heliatic 102 29 Blue Sky | Chapter 5 : Part 2 by ElvenWhovian Blue Sky | Chapter 5 : Part 2 :iconelvenwhovian:ElvenWhovian 7 4 Blue Sky | Chapter 5 : Part 1 by ElvenWhovian Blue Sky | Chapter 5 : Part 1 :iconelvenwhovian:ElvenWhovian 8 1 David and Jonathan by eikonik David and Jonathan :iconeikonik:eikonik 70 14 Hand signs by flyingpeachbun Hand signs :iconflyingpeachbun:flyingpeachbun 25 6 Problem? by ViaEstelar Problem? :iconviaestelar:ViaEstelar 197 6 Warmth by ViaEstelar Warmth :iconviaestelar:ViaEstelar 207 12 Hermit by ViaEstelar Hermit :iconviaestelar:ViaEstelar 212 19 Official artwork for Vessel of Fire: Believer by ElvenWhovian Official artwork for Vessel of Fire: Believer :iconelvenwhovian:ElvenWhovian 2 0 Ratatouille Redraw by sharkie19 Ratatouille Redraw :iconsharkie19:sharkie19 2,253 108


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